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Notice Inviting Tender

Notice inviting Quotation for Canteen Service

Corrigendum to the below published Tender (No. 113/CCL/2016-17, 114/IT Lab/2016-17 and 115/CSE Lab/2016-17).

This is to be noted that for the item of SL. No. 1.(Branded Desktop Computer), vendor should supply a 18.5 inch LED Monitor along with each CPU.
Vendors are informed to clarify doubts, if any, before submitting the bid.

Tender No: 113/ CCL/2016-17 Dated: 02/ 11/2016

Tender No: 114/ IT Lab/2016-17 Dated: 02/ 11/2016

Tender No: 115/ CSE Lab/2016-17 Dated: 02/ 11/2016



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